Shock poll: UKIP on course to win Stoke by-election

A poll released today by the Labour Leave campaign puts UKIP a clear 10 points ahead of Labour in Stoke and a whopping 25 points ahead of the Tories.

The poll shows the extent to which UKIP is picking up former Labour voters. 81% of those intending to vote UKIP in Stoke have previously voted Labour.

Reacting to news of the poll, UKIP’s Stoke candidate and Party Leader Paul Nuttall said: “It is clear that in Stoke just as across the length and breadth of the country, traditional Labour voters are leaving Jeremy Corbyn’s party in droves and coming over to UKIP.

“They know that we are now the party looking out for British workers, we are now the party of law and order and that only UKIP can be trusted to stand up for control of Britain’s borders.”

John Mills, Chairman of Labour Leave said: “If Labour is to hold onto this seat and others in the Midlands and the North then it must respond to voters’ concerns over Brexit and immigration.”

The data shows that unless Labour chooses to stand a Brexiteer and unite as a party behind making a success of Brexit, they will lose more votes to UKIP than they could possibly gain from the Tories and LibDems combined.

Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave’s General Secretary added: “Labour will be relegated to minority party status. We must have a radical change of direction now by fully supporting Article 50 and working for a prosperous Britain in a post-Brexit world.”

Unfortunately for those within the Labour movement that are fighting hard for Brexit, it may be too late to turn their party’s fortune around.

One thought on “Shock poll: UKIP on course to win Stoke by-election”

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