Unitary Patent Court Agreement : Email


Unitary Patent Court Agreement


To: Andrew Bridgen




Dear Mr Bridgen MP,


Today , I was reading on the UKIP Website That Prime Minister , was going to keep use in the (UPCA) after Brexit , In two years time , I would be very disappointed if we are still in the UPCA , after we leave the EU and the Single Market. Which I think that ministers are trying to pass under the radar.


The Unitary Patent Court Agreement (UPCA) is something only EU members can sign and its final court of appeal is the hated European Court of Justice (ECJ).


If the agreement is signed, it could mean that Britain will still be subject to the ECJ after Brexit and mean we are still tied in with single market rules.


Theresa May promised to end the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Let’s hope she doesn’t start backsliding on it.


We need a full, clearn Brexit that takes back control as 17.4 million voted for on June 23rd.



Mr Philip Hunt


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Tele: xxxxx xxxxxx



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