Polish government backs Brexit Britain Good to see the Poles putting pragmatism before politics!

A two-day mini-summit will be held in Warsaw tomorrow, with around 120 MPs, Diplomats and experts, to discuss new areas of co-operation after the UK leaves the EU.

The British Ambassador, Jonathan Knott said: “After Brexit, Polish-British relations can become even stronger as Britain will need stronger bonds with individual EU members states, particularly with Poland.”

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of European affairs, Konrad Szymański, said: “Brexit is not about the UK leaving Europe, but the European Union. Poland will be doing its best to see London remaining as close to Europe as possible in all areas of common interests, such as security and defence.”

Poland are themselves a bit miffed with the EU at the minute over a row with their former Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, who sought to punish Poland financially for refusing to take in more migrants.

International co-operation led by our own elected government rather than unelected Eurocrats is clearly the way forward.

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