The 95 democracy-denying peers who tried to block Brexit outright last night

After the excitement of the Government defeat in the Lords over putting any final Brexit deal to a “meaningful” parliamentary vote last night, the Liberal Democrat Leader in the Upper House, Lord Newby, proposed a little-noticed amendment to the Article 50 Bill designed to killed the Bill outright.

There was incredulity from both the Government and Labour front benches when Lib Dems insisted on putting to the vote this amendment proposing that the House “declines to allow the bill to pass”. Newby had claimed as recently as 20th February in the chamber that “No significant body of opinion in this House is seeking to prevent the passage of the Bill, but there is a world of difference between blocking the Bill and seeking to amend it”.

Yet blocking it is exactly what he and 84 other Lib Dems proceeded to do. Supporters of the wrecking amendment claimed that it was justified because the Lords had failed in their efforts to secure a second referendum on the final deal.

Despite his previous comments, Newby claimed that the government were disdainful of “parliamentary sovereignty and democratic accountability” which was his justification for trying to block the Article 50 Bill.

Only 3 Labour peers backed the vote which was defeated by 340 to 95.

Here we list the 95 peers who voted to block Brexit:

Liberal Democrat (85)

  • Lord Allan of Hallam
  • Lord Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon
  • Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville
  • Baroness Barker
  • Lord Beith
  • Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury
  • Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted
  • Lord Bradshaw
  • Baroness Brinton
  • Lord Bruce of Bennachie
  • Lord Burnett
  • Baroness Burt of Solihull
  • Lord Chidgey
  • Lord Clement-Jones
  • Lord Cotter
  • Lord Dholakia
  • Baroness Doocey
  • Baroness Featherstone
  • Lord Foster of Bath
  • Lord Fox
  • Baroness Garden of Frognal
  • Lord German
  • Earl of Glasgow
  • Baroness Grender
  • Baroness Hamwee
  • Baroness Harris of Richmond
  • Baroness Humphreys
  • Lord Hussain
  • Baroness Hussein-Ece
  • Baroness Janke
  • Baroness Jolly
  • Lord Jones of Cheltenham
  • Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope
  • Baroness Kramer
  • Baroness Ludford
  • Lord Macdonald of River Glaven
  • Lord Maclennan of Rogart
  • Baroness Maddock
  • Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames
  • Lord McNally
  • Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer
  • Lord Newby
  • Baroness Northover
  • Lord Oates
  • Lord Paddick
  • Lord Palmer of Childs Hill
  • Baroness Parminter
  • Baroness Pinnock
  • Lord Purvis of Tweed
  • Baroness Randerson
  • Lord Razzall
  • Lord Redesdale
  • Lord Rennard
  • Lord Roberts of Llandudno
  • Lord Rodgers of Quarry Bank
  • Baroness Scott of Needham Market
  • Lord Scriven, Lord Sharkey
  • Baroness Sheehan
  • Lord Shipley
  • Lord Shutt of Greetland
  • Lord Stephen
  • Lord Stoneham of Droxford
  • Lord Storey
  • Lord Strasburger
  • Lord Stunell
  • Baroness Suttie
  • Lord Taverne
  • Lord Taylor of Goss Moor
  • Lord Teverson
  • Lord Thomas of Gresford
  • Baroness Thomas of Winchester
  • Baroness Thornhill
  • Viscount Thurso
  • Lord Tope
  • Baroness Tyler of Enfield
  • Lord Tyler
  • Lord Vallance of Tummel
  • Lord Verjee
  • Lord Wallace of Saltaire
  • Lord Wallace of Tankerness
  • Baroness Walmsley
  • Lord Watson of Richmond
  • Lord Willis of Knaresborough
  • Lord Wrigglesworth

Labour (3)

  • Lord Davies of Stamford
  • Lord Judd
  • Lord Liddle

Crossbench (3)

  • Earl of Clancarty
  • Lord Haskins
  • Lord Low of Dalston

Plaid Cymru (1)

  • Lord Wigley

Non-affiliated (3)

  • Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay
  • Lord Smith of Finsbury
  • Baroness Tonge

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