Labour push for veto on Brexit Letter sent to PM backing meddling Lords.

In the latest example of disgraceful manoeuvring on Brexit from the Labour Party, the party have sent a letter to the Prime Minister supporting amendments from the House of Lords including a veto on Brexit.

The letter from Labour’s Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and Baroness Smith, their Leader in the House of Lords, calls on the government to accept the meddling from the unelected Lords.

That would include the PM guaranteeing rights of EU nationals in the UK with no assurances for Brits abroad, and worryingly the right for Parliament to veto Brexit at the end of the EU negotiations.

Today’s Labour Party has never been more out of touch with the country than they are today. Whilst Brits unite behind Brexit, the official Labour line is now to potentially block Brexit if the politicians don’t like the outcome. That would amount to nothing less than a betrayal.

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