Don’t block Brexit Will of the people must be respected!

Brexit Minister David Davis has warned the pro-EU establishment in Westminster not to sabotage the process of EU withdrawal in today’s Sunday Telegraph.

He’s referring to amendments that the House of Lords passed which would effectively weaken the Prime Minister’s hand in negotiations with Brussels and would also give Parliament the ability to veto Brexit at the last minute.

Article 50 to trigger the process of EU withdrawal could kick off as early as Tuesday but MPs will first vote on Monday whether to back the measures passed by the meddling unelected Lords.

Potentially there could be enough MPs for this to occur with some heavily pro-Remain Tory MPs teaming up with others in a last ditch effort to scupper Brexit completely.

If this does happen, anger in the country will be huge. Once again the politicians are not listening. On June 23rd the country voted to leave the EU, leave the single market and put in place strong border controls. For that verdict to be second-guessed would lead to huge electoral consequences and rightly so.

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