HUGE BLOW for Sturgeon after anti-referendum petition is signed by Scots from every constituency


SEETHING Scots from every constituency have signed a petition demanding another independence referendum launched by Nicola Sturgeon “should not be allowed to happen”, figures have found.

After more than 140,000 people signed a petition to stop Nicola Sturgeon’s push for another independence vote – including more than 50,000 on Wednesday alone – the Government must now consider the topic for a debate in the House of Commons.

More than 100,000 people have signed the petition from Scotland, despite some polls suggesting support for Scottish independence is at its highest ever rate.

According to petition figures, Edinburgh North and Leith constituency, represented in Westminster by SNP MP Deidre Brock, had the highest number of signatories with more than 2,741 people signing the petition.

Meanwhile around 2,348 signatures came from former SNP leader Alex Salmond’s Gordon seat, representing 2.28 per cent of constituents.

In SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson’s Moray constituency, 1,845 people added their names to the petition.

The man behind the petition, Aberdeenshire resident John Innes, told he was shocked at how quickly his petition gained support.

He said: “The SNP and Ms Sturgeon will not listen to us that much is clear. But I hope that the UK politicians would take note.

“It is starting to look a bit like a best out of three scenario in terms of independence referendum but we are all going to suffer as a result. It is very self-centred from the Holyrood Government to be pushing for this at a time when we need unity more than ever.”

“We are moving out of Europe, yet Ms Sturgeon wants to keep us in the market potentially accepting the euro and that is 100 per cent unworkable.

“I am interested in politics when it impacts me personally and those around me but I would not go into politics.

“The reason I launched this petition was to get a message across that Nicola Sturgeon does not have our mandate to carry on with her nonsense.”

Mr Innes added: “The will of people in 2014 was for us to remain in the UK and the will of people in 2016 was for the UK to leave the EU. That is called democracy. To swap one central government to another as an independent country does not make sense.”

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