Pro-EU MP pushes for another Brexit vote in Parliament






if establishment MPs hadn’t held up the Brexit process enough already, now arch pro-EU MP Hilary Benn is insisting that MPs may have to vote and give their approval once again.

He chairs the House of Commons Committee on Brexit and is pushing against the ‘no deal’ route, arguing that:

“Leaving the EU without a future trade deal and in doing so defaulting to World Trade Organisation rules is no less an important decision for the UK’s economic future than the terms of any future free trade agreement between the UK and the EU. It is therefore essential that such a step is not taken without Parliament having a vote on the matter.”

Unfortunately for Benn and his colleagues who would still love to see the UK remain in the EU, the public are massively in favour of leaving the EU with no deal rather than a bad one.

A vote from MPs to block Brexit would have massive ramifications. There are only two democratic outcomes now: Brexit with a good EU deal, or Brexit by walking out of the door. Time for the establishment to accept it.

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