REMOANERS hatching plan to remove Brexit-backing MPs in areas with high EU support


REMOANERS are hatching a plot to boot out Brexit-backing Tory MPs whose constituencies voted to stay in the Brussels bloc, a Remain campaigner has revealed.

The pathetic alliance of the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and the Greens have reportedly named it the “Remain decapitation strategy”.

Remain campaigners have eagerly completed a Tory hitlist which focus’ on the MP’s who supported Brexit in constituencies who voted to stay in the EU.

Former Tory Cabinet minister Theresa Villiers and ex-justice minister Dominic Raab are thought to be among the targets. It is believed the beleaguered parties will informally agree who would “have the best run” to maximise their chances of booting out Tory MPs.

An anonymous Remain campaigner said: “There are Leave MPs in heavily Remain areas who are sitting ducks and need taking to task by pro-Europeans.

“It will be done on a seat-by-seat basis depending on whether the Lib Dems or Labour have the best run at it.”

Earlier this week Nick Clegg called on liberals and centrists to join together to mount “a proper ideological response” to Theresa May’s Government.

The reported alliance goes a step further and shows the Remain campaign are willing to betray all party policy to sabotage Brexit negotiations.

The Remain campaigner, speaking to The Times, added: “This won’t be done between Farron and Corbyn, but each local party will decide the best way to punish these people for what they have done.

“That’s going to require ruthless targeting and co-ordination.”

It follows comments by Farron where he urged Remainers not to despair over the triggering of Article 50 as the “fight against Brexit is not over”.

The Liberal Democrat leader also said the battle to keep Britain inside the single market had just begun.

Despite the majority of the UK voting for Brexit, Mr Farron has repeatedly screeched that “democracy” has failed.

Tim Farron, writing in the Independent, called for MPs in the Labour Party to join his fight and demanded they “work with the only party up for the fight, the Liberal Democrats”.

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