The people have spoken – Gina Miller does not speak for the Great British Public



Just when you thought it was safe to open a newspaper again, along comes a woman who is the embodiment of the Remoaners.

Gina Miller now wants to use her wealth to frustrate the will of the people and interfere with the Government’s Brexit negotiations.

This is a woman who said she felt “physically sick” when our country voted to leave the EU!

Miller has teamed up with another wealthy Remoaner, Sir Richard Branson. Branson is backing Miller’s new company – called UK-EU Open Policy Limited. In short, Miller is using her wealth in order to frustrate the Government and undermine the British people.

Miller has assembled a team of Europhile campaigners who are planning to pressure Prime Minister, Theresa May, into negotiating a soft Brexit by pushing against border restrictions and demanding as much access to the Single Market as possible.

But this is not what the British people voted for. The Government should be pushing for tougher measures on border restrictions not pushing against them.

It is not possible to achieve what Miller is asking for, as leaving the EU means leaving both the Single Market and the Customs Union.

Miller and her fellow Remoaners are trying to keep Britain in the EU via the back door.

There is an irony with Miller’s posturing. The Government will be negotiating for the whole country.

Miller – for all her claims – will only be representing only those who voted Remain. It is only ever the Remain side who make great play of the 48% figure.

Miller has shown herself to be arrogant and out of touch with ordinary working people as was demonstrated by her remarks this week.

She commented that “The fight is two-fold now, not just fighting for the negotiation but fighting for the sort of Britain we want after Brexit”.

Miller said she feels “a real sense of responsibility”, but claimed she would never survive in politics, and is more interested in social justice.

A sense of responsibility? To whom exactly? She has no responsibility apart from her love of litigation and the limelight it brings with it.

The EU Referendum result has nothing to do with “social justice”. It is about democracy – something Miller seems determined to frustrate.

“Thousands of people write, email, call, send me letters saying, ‘We really need you to carry on standing up for us because nobody else will’.” she said this week.

This self-important statement smacks of delusions of grandeur.

The Government should continue in its efforts to negotiate the best deal for our country and ignore the pitiful bleating from the sidelines of Gina Miller and her merry band of Remoaners.

She only speaks for the metropolitan chattering classes, not the Great British Public. Over 17.4m of them spoke last year and they voted to Get Britain Out.

Gina Miller does not speak for them. She looks down on them.

It is time she was silenced by the very courts she seems at home in.

Then and only then will she go away and crawl back under her hedge fund.

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