FANTASTIC NEWS as EU’s DESTRUCTION of our fishing industry CAN BE REVERSED after Brexit


It cannot be denied that the EU’s rampant destruction of Britain’s fishing industry was a major factor that pushed millions of people to vote Leave in the EU referendum of 2016.

Countless hard-working fishermen and women saw their livelihoods destroyed by ridiculous EU rules about quotas and territorial waters.

Throughout our entire membership of the club, it has seemed that the rest of Europe was invited to plunder Britain’s rich fishing waters, while our own trawlers were left to pick up the scraps.

No wonder so many of them disappeared over the years!

When 51.9% of us turned out and stuck two fingers up to Brussels, even though Bob Geldof had his super-duper Remain boat and everything, this was the first massive victory for our fishing industry.

It’s just a shame that it was too little, too late for everyone who had already been pushed out of business.

However, there are now very encouraging signs that the consequences of this EU-led crusade to ruin our fishing heritage can be REVERSED once we have left the European Union.

The Institute of Economic Affairs has released a report showing how important it is that we will finally be able to take our fishing destiny back into our own hands.

In the main, it shows that the key moment will come when we are no longer bound by the EU’s ridiculous Common Fisheries Policy – the CFP is basically the legal framework that invites what seems like ‘the world and his friend’ into British waters.

One of the worst features of the CFP is that it allows so many different countries into an area of water that no single nation has the motivation to take responsibility for fishing responsibly.

Put simply, years of being subject to the CFP has led to British waters becoming over-fished and ecologically unsustainable.

By taking back control of our own waters, we can fix this mess and put things right. One country has access, one country can sort it all out – we already have the expertise to do so, but we have never had the opportunity!

The report states: “There needs to be an institutional framework so that the owners of fishing rights become enthusiastic conservationists, as has happened in countries such as Iceland.

“Brexit will enable the UK to withdraw from the CFP and adopt a more efficient approach within its large Exclusive Economic Zone, which stretches up to 200 nautical miles from the coast.

“This has the potential both to increase catches and eliminate subsidies from taxpayers.

“Policy options include facilitating community-based management in some coastal fisheries and introducing Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQs) for other areas.”


Please sign Petition :

Ensure the British fishing waters are returned to the UK post Brexit

In the 1970s Edward Heath betrayed our fisherman and our coastal communities with the Common Fisheries Policy. A leaked report now shows that the EU wants to retain control over the fish stocks in British waters.
We call on Parliament to ensure these waters and fish stocks return to Britain

Much of the EU referendum was based on the idea of reclaiming the fish stocks in British waters. It became a key aspect of sovereignty. It would be an absolute failure for the government and parliament to allow the CFP to continue when the chance to rebuild the coastal fishing communities of Britain are so close.


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