Anti-Brexit Blair to team up with LibDems and Farron


An unholy alliance of the anti-democratic Liberal Democrats and the discredited former PM could see the likes of Tim Farron campaigning alongside Tony Blair.

Blair has been quick to back candidates who would fight against Brexit in Parliament, effectively ignoring the will of the people as delivered on June 23rd.

“There has to be a way of ensuring that voters can put candidates for Parliament under sustained pressure to say whether they would vote against a deal which does not deliver the same benefits as we enjoy with the single market or against no deal if that transpires to be as damaging as many fear; and that they are prepared to hold the Government properly to account in the interests of the country,” Blair said.

As Blair admits himself, this is about ‘voting against’ Brexit even going ahead if it isn’t to the liking of the uber pro-EU lobby.

Brexiteers may have won the war on June 23rd, but a new battle is now underway.

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