Labour left red-face after MORE pictures of their campaigners trampling on a war memorial have emerged

Corbyn’s spin doctors put it down to single over-excited party hand – but fresh photo shows multiple activists on sacred cross

Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctors originally put the horrific disrespect down to a single over-excited party hand – but The Sun can reveal a fresh photo that shows multiple activists crawling over the sacred cross in Woodside, Croydon.

The picture published by hard-left Jeremy Corbyn supporters group Momentum showed at least four campaigners brandishing Labour banners while crawling on the memorial erected in 1921 to honour the 206 local men who fell of the First World War.

In a statement on Tuesday local Labour candidate Sarah Jones said “in his over-exuberance one of the canvassers stood on the memorial during a photo.”

And she grovelled: “Absolutely no disrespect was intended and I am genuinely sorry if any offence has been caused – that was absolutely not our intention.”

But the new picture – still available on Momentum’s Facebook page – left that statement in tatters.

Tory candidate and Housing Minister Gavin Barwell said: “That’s what happens when you invite hard left to campaign for you.”

And local Royal British Legion chairman Tony Pearson branded the pictures “absolutely appalling.”

He told the Croydon Advertiser: “There’s more than one person standing on the memorial and there are also a number of councillors at the front.

“Yes, there are plenty of campaigners there, but these are elected officials.”

He added: “Forget the political side, who thought this was a good idea? It is disgraceful and they are showing a clear lack of respect. Without this history we would not have the present.”

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