Tory candidates want to pay EU bill Worrying signs of soft Conservatives.



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bombshell piece of research by Sky News has exposed how many of those being selected as Conservative candidates are soft eurosceptics at best, with the vast majority happy to submit to Brussels’ demand for cash.

26 Conservative candidates in winnable seats were questioned, with 24 out of the 26 insisting that they are ready to back an EU deal rather than leaving without one, indicating a degree of weakness. After all, that should depend on what the deal on offer is.

Even more concerning is the fact that 18 of the 26 said that they would back paying an EU divorce bill.

64% of Brits are against paying even £10 billion, let alone the £50 – £90 billion that has been punted around in Brussels.

This follows comments yesterday from David Cameron that a big Tory majority would allow Theresa May to fight against “extreme Brexit”, taking a page out of the far-left Green Party playbook.

A Brexit majority in Parliament with a backbone of UKIP MPs to stop Tory backsliding is still the best outcome for all who believe in a proper Brexit rather than a Conservative fudge.




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