Tory manifesto author talked up Leave


MP who warned of Brexit recession has written the Conservative document.

The author of the Conservative Party’s manifesto was one of the most anti-Brexit MPs in the entire party.

Ben Gummer has written a Tory manifesto which will seek to push tough messages on Brexit and migration.

But Gummer was strongly against Brexit, warning against a Leave vote on his website just days before the referendum: “All that talk about recession – it all sounds far too theoretical doesn’t it? Just a load of economists trying to predict the future? Well, I agree. So I’m going to go on a quick safari around Ipswich to show where those numbers come from, and how they are very, very real.”

He went on: “When you vote on Thursday, you have a choice between two boxes. It is your choice where you place your cross. But businesses across our town want to be quite clear with you: that ‘Leave’ box – if you tick that, it means jobs lost in our town, our Ipswich. And if you tick Remain, we can get on with the work in hand: making our wonderful town and our wonderful Great Britain greater still.”

Reacting to the referendum result, Gummer said that: “I am feeling sick to the pit of my stomach about the impact this will have on jobs across the country.”

Strange to have a supposedly pro-Brexit manifesto written by a man who warned of potential recession and Leave disaster. He’s hardly a Brexiteer.




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