EU to pay Brexit bill too


Theresa May highlights EU’s financial liabilities.

Theresa May has insisted in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph that the European Union will owe Britain money in any divorce deal.

May has said that: “There is much debate about what the UK’s obligations might be or indeed what our rights might be in terms of money being paid in in the past. We make it clear that we would look at those both rights and obligations.

“There’s the investment bank, there’s the investment fund, there are various areas. This will be, as you know, an important part of the negotiations,” she said in terms of what Brussels may owe the UK.

Britain’s share of the European Investment Bank is estimated at around £8 – £9 billion as an example.

When it comes to Theresa May, the words and briefings are meant to seem fairly solid. But this is election season and don’t forget, this is the same woman who as Home Secretary insisted that the UK should leave the European Convention on Human Rights – yet as Prime Minister wants to keep Britain inside for at least another 5 years.

One thing is for sure – if she does get elected as Prime Minister with a healthy majority and submits to Brussels’ demands for cash, the public will never trust her again.



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