Corbyn’s plan for mass migration

J corbyn

So that’s why he’s been so vague!

The Labour Party could revive a scrapped visa scheme that allows unskilled workers to pour into Britain post-Brexit.

It could effectively mean that mass migration would be guaranteed to continue at huge levels if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister.

That’s according to The Telegraph, putting new pressure on Labour to actually spell out what their migration policy would be were they to win the election.

The leaked Labour migration document is even said to admit that net migration could go up further under a Labour government.

Corbyn has ducked the issue as much as he can, either sounding incredibly indecisive on the issue or just refusing to answer whether he would reduce migration at all.

Labour don’t want to talk about migration. But that’s tough. The Brexit vote showed that people have had enough and want levels radically reduced.




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