Far-left wave of vandalism on Conservative campaign boards Unprecedented wave of vandalism against Conservative candidates.


Unprecedented wave of vandalism against Conservative candidates.


The wave of vandalism apparently directed from far-left Corbyn supporters against Conservative candidates is unprecedented at this election.


Tory after Tory has exposed how their local campaign has been targeted by anti-democratic activists defacing campaign .

posters and often daubing pro-Labour, pro-Corbyn slogans.

Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative candidate for Morley and Outwood, has seen her posters defaced and stolen.

Conor Burns, candidate for Bournemouth East, has pointed out how he has been subject to attacks for the first time:

Sefton Central candidate Jade Marsden targeted:

Zac Goldsmith targeted:

Rebecca Harris in Castle Point has had nearly 40 boards defaced:

Alec Shelbrooke, standing in Elmet and Rothwell, has suffered much the same:

You get the idea:

The far-left have long-targeted UKIP boards, with no one seeming much bothered about the law-breaking of these thugs. Will the Tories do more to try and stop this kind of stuff now it is hitting them? A conviction or two for these nasty vandals wouldn’t go amiss.

Lefty trolls; you try being an exhausted Mum to a new born & fight an election, & see if you do any better. Do something positive! God Bless

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