LibDems plotting with Tory Remoaners to water down Brexit


Tories that stood on a manifesto of Brexit now selling out to the LibDems.

Vince Cable, frontrunner to replace Tim Farron as LibDem Leader, has held secret talks with Tory Remoaners about frustrating Brexit.

It was revealed in The Telegraph that he was seeking out Remain MPs to form a pact to vote against certain Brexit measures. Cable told journalist Chris Hope: “Informally all kinds of networks are being established and I have been sounded out by several of them”.

“Approaches had come from Tory MPs who wanted a softened version of what is proposed and I think we should reach out and talk to them.

“There are a lot of Conservative MPs who may not have put up a flag called Remain but are very, very worried about the more extreme options on the table and would like to keep either the customs union or the single market or both.”

There you have it, folks, Tories that stood on a manifesto of leaving the EU are now selling you out to the LibDems to stay in the single market and/or customs union. It’s a disgrace! .

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