Juncker wants European Court of Justice of rule Britain after Brexit


Screen-Shot-2017-07-01-at-09.40.50-1024x606Deluded, irrational, downright stupid. But then it is the EU.

The EU has tried to get Britain to agree to give the European Court of Justice jurisdiction over UK law after Brexit, seriously.

A paper from the European Commission read: “All rulings given by the Court of Justice pursuant to the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement are binding on the Union and the United Kingdom, and are enforceable in the United Kingdom.”

It means Britain could be fined for breaching EU law despite not actually being a member of the EU.

John Longworth, co-chairman of Leave Means Leave,  said: “It is outrageous that the EU is trying to bind Britain to the ECJ even after we have left the EU.

“When we leave the EU, we leave the ECJ and they will not be able to fine us for failing to fulfil their petty demands anymore.

“By behaving so irrationally the EU are pushing Britain closer to walking away from the negotiating table.”

Surely this crushes any remaining notion that the EU is a lovely, cuddly, liberal institution. This is nothing short of a shameless attempt at a soft land grab through legal means. We should seriously consider walking away.



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