A mid concerns that Labour support was boosted by illegal double voting by students and abuse of postal voting, Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom told MPs there was a need to “investigate” abuse of the democratic process.Ms Leadsom was responding to a concern raised by Wellingborough Tory MP Peter Bone who said that boasts by Leftwing students of voting where they went to university and in their home constituencies had been posted online.

He said: “It has been brought to my attention that people can be registered to vote in a general election in two places.I am registered in London and in my constituency.

“However, a number of students are bragging on social media that they voted not only where they live, but where they go to university. That is an abuse, so could we have a statement from the Cabinet Office on that matter next week?”

The issue was also raised by Shipley Tory MP Philip Davies, who was targeted by a Leftwing hate campaign during the election.

He raised concerns that the postal vote system was not only allowing double voting but also meant that in some communities votes were being stolen off women as the head of the household made multiple votes.

He said: “Not only has it helped people vote more than once in elections, but in certain parts of Bradford it has been known to be abused for a considerable time, and I might add that it has effectively deprived many women of the vote in those communities.

“These are serious issues that many people are concerned about, so may we have a debate on the abuse of postal voting?”

Responding to Mr Bone, Mrs Leadsom said: “We must get to the bottom of people deliberately voting twice, which I understand is illegal.

“We need to investigate that and ensure that parliamentary democracy, for which this country has been famous—this is indeed the mother of all Parliaments—upholds the rights of one person and one vote.”

South Derbyshire Tory MP Heather Wheeler has also called on the Electoral Commission to investigate double voting by students.

She claimed that students were posting that they had “voted four times”.

Mr Bone told the Daily Express that an investigation is needed to find out whether any group such as the Jeremy Corbyn supporting group Momentum “was organising double voting among students”.

He went on: “I think it may be that we have to say people can only be registered to vote in one constituency.

“It is very hard to track down double voting unless people are stupid enough to boast about it on Twitter and Facebook.”

The issue has previously been raised by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage who said that Mr Corbyn’s Marxist message was very attractive to people to young to have lived through the Cold War.

The hard Left Labour leader also bribed students by promising to end tuition fees.

Mr Farage said: “Can I say, many of them were so attracted by it they actually voted twice – they voted once where they live, and secondly where they’re students, so that needs a bit of looking at.”

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