Hammond continues push to water down Brexit

Time for him to go!


Theresa May’s Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has continued his push to undermine and weaken Brexit at every step, backing establishment business calls to stay in the single market and customs union for as long as possible.

Hammond said that: “I’m glad that the business community is exercising a voice in this discussion. I think that’s helpful,” and that “it would be madness not to seek to have the closest possible arrangement” with the European Union.

The Chancellor has repeatedly undermined pro-Brexit colleagues such as David Davis and Liam Fox with a contradictory approach aimed at seeking to maintain the status quo as much as possible.

Today The Sun have said that the strongly pro-Remain Hammond must “realise he is not leading the Remain resistance”.

That is bang on. But once again this comes down to leadership. Theresa May cannot go on with a Chancellor who seems to be battling for Brussels more than Britain. Rather than acting as part of a team, Hammond seems determined to speak out about his own personal position at every opportunity.

If he wants to go on undermining the British position at every step, then the Prime Minister should sack him and ensure that her team retains a cohesive approach as country negotiates for the best deal possible.



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