Remoaners push to keep UK inside European Court


Proper Brexit again being challenged by those who lost the referendum.

Proper Brexit again being challenged by those who lost the referendum.

A trio of Tory Remainers are pushing to water down Brexit in an effort to keep the UK inside the European Court of Justice post-Brexit.

Theresa May has already pledged to end the jurisdiction of the ECJ over Brexit Britain, something those who voted Leave would expect and demand.

Conservative MPs such as Ed Vaizey, Dominic Grieve and Nicky Morgan are all pushing for a less decisive break with the European Court, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Grieve has said that: “We have to be realistic. Some of the attitudes to the ECJ seem to be a bit knee jerk….I think we need to continue to keep an open mind on whether the ECJ might in future be a mechanism for resolving disputes in those bodies we are still participating.”

Whilst Nicky Morgan has weighed in with: “There may be some merit in just thinking about the detail of our future relationship with the ECJ before we draw a line through the relationship entirely.”

Yet again, pro-EU, diehard Remainers doing all they can to keep the UK locked inside bodies that the British people voted to come out of.

Proper Brexit means out of the single market, customs union and yes, British courts once again supreme. We cannot have a Brexit Britain that still has foreign courts calling the shots. Time, yet again, for those on the losing side of the referendum to accept the will of the people.

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