Boris: EU can “go whistle” if it thinks we’re paying big Brexit bill

He said countries were queuing up to sign trade deals with Britain.


Boris Johnson waged a stinging attack on the EU for demanding Britain pays an “extortionate” Brexit bill, telling Juncker and Co. to “go whistle”.

Boris added: “I think that the sums that I have seen…seem to me to be extortionate and I think go whistle is an entirely appropriate expression.”

The EU is demanding somewhere in the region of €100billion just so Britain can leave the crumbling bloc.

Boris also hit out at claims Britain’s economy would suffer outside the Single Market and Customs Union, saying countries are “queuing up” for trade deals.

Just yesterday, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull said he was ready and waiting to strike up a deal with Theresa May as soon as the UK was ready.

What the EU don’t seem to understand is that we’ve voted to leave, we don’t have to pay for the privilege as well.

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