Spiteful EU threatens to scrap free healthcare for Brits abroad


But they expect us to guarantee their citizens’ rights.


Free healthcare for British citizens in EU countries could be scrapped by Brussels after Brexit.

European Commission officials reportedly told the Government today that Brits will no longer be included in the European Health Insurance Card scheme after March 2019.

Currently, the EHIC sees foreign hospitals treat Brits and then claim costs back from the NHS afterwards – we do the same with EU nationals in the UK.

But in what appears to be a wholly spiteful move, this agreement is set to be scrapped.

David Davis said the government would carry on paying the £155m-a-year-bill, which makes the EU’s actions look even worse – it’s nothing more than a token two fingers up to Britain.

It’s especially bad considering Theresa May has already made a “fair and serious offer” to EU citizens living in Britain, allowing them to apply for settled status. But that was on the condition that British citizens living abroad would maintain their rights. So has the EU just kiboshed its own citizens getting a good deal too?

Remainers need to a look at this and realise what we’re going up against here – a spiteful, vengeful dictatorship that’s more concerned with political point scoring than doing what’s right for unwell human beings.


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