Brexit Backslide: EU free movement could last another 5 years

This goes against the will of the people.


Michael Gove revealed the Cabinet seems to have succumbed Remainers who want a transitional Brexit – this could tie Britain to the EU’s free movement of people rules for five years.

And Liam Fox has now called it “common sense” – Boris Johnson is also reportedly in favour. So all the bastions of Brexit have backtracked.

Gove said: “I think when it comes to an implementation period it should be driven by a pragmatic judgement about what we need in the best interests of our economy and in the best interests of guaranteeing a smooth exit from the EU, in line with the result the British people voted for just over a year ago.

“Pragmatism is the watchword.”

No – Brexit is the watchword and that’s now been seriously undermined.


Fox added: “Having waited 43 years – another couple of years is, if we can get it to work well for UK and our European partners and for the stability of British business and our prosperity, that seems to me a common sense thing to do.”

But figures show huge population changes across the UK, predominately in the Midlands, fuelled by mass immigration. In Coventry, 98% of the population increase between 2007-16 was caused by immigration.

How can the government seriously think continuing with free movement of people after Brexit is a good idea?

Nigel Farage was right – weak leadership from Theresa May and a lack of conviction from prominent Brexiteers has caused a massive Brexit backslide. The government needs to get on with delivering the will of the people.


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