Germany warned: Punishing Brexit Britain will have terrible consequences

Merkel told to give Britain good deal.


Angela Merkel and the EU have been warned – punish Britain for Brexit and it will be very damaging for Germany.

The Free Democratic Party, which is likely to join Merkel’s coalition in power after the next election on September 24, is pushing for the creation of a German Brexit cabinet to put together a good working relationship with Britain.

Michael Theurer, the FDP’s economic chief, said: “We are a very British-minded party in favour of free trade and market economics. Our view is that we should get along with the British as well as possible. A successful Brexit is of fundamental importance to Germany.

“I warn against a humiliation of Great Britain. The country must continue to be a strong partner for the EU and within NATO.

“We are hearing an uttering of concerns from German companies and trade unions about what could happen if there is a crash-Brexit and no deal in place. Criticism is growing.

“People are only just starting to realise the full dimensions of this. There could be WTO duties, visas, all kinds of things. Small enterprises are very concerned. There are also a lot of German companies that rely on financing from the City of London, and they are very happy with the service they get now.”

Theurer was also critical of  the German government’s approach so far to Brexit, saying it lacks any kind of leadership: “Nobody is in charge. There is a lack of priorities. We absolutely need close coordination with the economy minister taking the lead.”

Finally some sense out of a German politics. The EU can cut its own nose off to spite its face if it wants, but they’ll be the ones crying in the end.


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