UK-US prepare for £40 billion trade deal

Countries really are queuing up for post-Brexit deals.


Landmark trade talks are currently taking place between the UK and America that could be worth £40bn-a-year by 2030.

Drumming up post-Brexit business with the US would be a huge boost to the economy, and no doubt shut the Remoaners up for at least a couple of days.

Liam Fox said: “Our exit from the European Union offers an unprecedented opportunity to reshape our independent trading ambitions and build on the already strong trading relationship with our single largest trading partner – the US.”

A working group has been set up to “ensure we get to know each other’s issues and identify areas where we can work together to strengthen trade and investment ties”.


Dictatorial EU ruled forbid any member state from holding free trade talks with another nation and while Fox probably won’t be able to sign off any official deals right now, his trip still shows the increasingly global focus of the UK post-Brexit.

Boris Johnson is also on a trip to New Zealand, having just spent time in Japan.

There are concerns among Europhiles that Britain holding free trade talks could cause the collapse of the Brussels bloc, as other countries may also realise the grass is greener on the other side.

We’ve voted to Leave, why on earth would be wait around to hold trade talks with other countries until the EU tells us it’s ok to do so? The quicker we can get a raft of lucrative international deals the better.

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