Hammond: No proper Brexit until 2022


Talk of no new trade deals for years and years.


Big time Remainer Philip Hammond spoke to the BBC this morning, with the Chancellor painting a picture of delays, watering down and inaction. 

support for a transition period means that “many things will look similar” even after 2019, and that “it will be some time before we are able to introduce full migration controls between the UK and the European Union”.

Hammond also insisted that the UK won’t be able to sign new trade deals post-Brexit until 2022, saying: “Of course all of these things are to be negotiated. I think we recognise that it will take some time for us to negotiate trade deals with countries.

“The important point is that we are able to get started on that process and during a transition period when we would hope to have continued access to the European market it may be that during that period we don’t bring those new agreements into force.”

He went on to mention 2022: “I think there is a broad consensus that this process has to be completed by the scheduled time of the next General Election which is in June 2022 so a period of at the most three years in order to put these new arrangements in place and move us on a steady path without cliff edges from where we are today to the new long term relationship with the European Union.”

The British public voted to Leave the EU, no ifs or buts, on June 23rd 2016 – for the process to be dragged on for 6 years simply isn’t good enough.


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