Sadiq Khan: Labour can stop Brexit


He wants the EU flag to fly outside his mayoral office forever.

Sadiq Khan has said Labour can stop Brexit by promising to abolish it in their manifesto, or offer a second referendum.

In a statement that will worry Brexiteers and lovers of democracy alike, Khan said he hopes the EU flag flies outside his Mayoral office in London for many years to come.

He added Labour could “trump the referendum”, adding: “For it to have credibility with the British public, there would have to be a Labour manifesto offer, because the public would say, not unreasonably, ‘Hold on a sec, we voted to leave and you’re now sticking two fingers up at us’.

“You’d have to spell out, in black and white, what we’d do if we won the General Election. What could trump the referendum result is us having a manifesto offer saying, we would not leave the EU, or we would have a second referendum.”

It’s amazing Khan has time to make such a statement, what with knife crime and acid attack epidemic he’s definitely not dealing with and the increasing threat of terror in the capital.

He should spend less time plotting how to go against the will of the people and more time planning for Brexit and dealing with the horrendous surge of violence across the capital.


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