‘No whites allowed’ graffiti found in Birmingham

You don’t expect to see racism like this in modern Britain


Racist graffiti saying “no whites allowed after 8pm” has been scrawled across a wall in Birmingham.

The spray paint has been condemned by local councillors after it was daubed across a wall in Alum Rock.
Ansar Ali Khan said similar graffiti had emerged on lampposts in recent years in the predominantly Muslim area.
He told the Birmingham Mail: “Whoever has done this needs to know that they do not have any support from the local community.
“It is unacceptable to have such divisive signs in a diverse community like Washwood Heath which embraces people of all colour and walks of life.
“We cannot allow people to get away with this. They are trying to foment trouble in our peaceful neighbourhoods. The community here has strong bonds and together we need to remain vigilant and root out the racists amongst us.”


Racism in all its forms is absolutely disgusting and should be stamped out. But it’s very worrying to see slogans calling for white people to be banned from an area here in the UK. All division and racism must be vigorously opposed in equal measure.

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