Boris pushes for clean Brexit Insists UK


must stop handing Brussels cash and pump into NHS instead. 


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has set out his pro-Brexit agenda in sensational form in The Telegraph, rallying against any ongoing membership of the single market/customs union, dismissing any payments to the EU and insisting that money recouped from Brussels should be pumped into the National Health Service.

His push for much fuller, cleaner Brexit than the likes of Chancellor Philip Hammond is believed to have come out of the blue, without authority from Number 10 and is sure to send shockwaves in Westminster.

BoJo hits out at those “people who are woefully underestimating this country” and think Britain what “bottle” Brexit.
The optimistic case for a full EU exit from Boris also makes the case that: “We would not expect to pay for access to their markets any more than they would expect to pay for access to ours”.
A prominent government figure massively optimistic and bullish about Brexit Britain’s prospects? That’s more like it. The Remoaners around the Cabinet won’t be amused…



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