Grayling: British farmers will grow more if UK gets No Deal Brexit


He thinks it’ll hurt producers on the continent more than those in the UK.

British farmers are being encouraged to grow more produce in the event there’s a No Deal Brexit, according to Chris Grayling.

The Transport Secretary told Andrew Marr: “It would mean that supermarkets bought more at home, that British farmers produced more, that they bought more from around the world and it would damage French producers and continental producers.
“What we will do is grow more here and buy more from round the world. But that will mean bad news for continental farmer, that is why it won’t happen because it is in their interests to reach a deal.”

So, he’s confident Britain will get a good deal out of the EU negotiations but farmers should start producing more anyway just in case.
Producers on the continent need us just as much, if not more, than we need them and Brussels would do well to remember that.

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