EU demanding May commit to £48 billion Brexit bill


Brussels want more money – as ever.

With talks continuing to proceed at a snail’s pace, the European Union are now reportedly demanding that Theresa May more than double her opening gambit of £20 billion to advance talks further.

48 billion has been named as the magic number by The Sun, with the likes of French President Emmanuel Macron dismissing out of hand May’s financial offering thus far.
It comes amid increased talk of No Deal, with Brexit Secretary David Davis set to ramp up preparations for such an outcome.
That provoked a reaction yesterday in Brussels, with Macron insisting many never even mentioned No Deal, and EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker insisting that he “hates” the idea of such an outcome.
One thing Brussels has always been world class at is spending money. As ever, they want more from the UK. That’s going to be extremely unpopular in Britain where 65% of Brits regard a £20 billion Brexit bill as unacceptable. The whole point of voting Leave was to stop pumping money into the EU, not hand them another £50 billion.

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