Remainer O’Neill now admits Brexit Britain’s economic future is bright


Former Conservative Treasury Minister Lord O’Neill now admits that the economic outlook for Brexit Britain is much brighter than many suggested.

O’Neill has told the BBC that: “I certainly wouldn’t have thought the UK economy would be as robust as it currently seems,” with even the Beeb going with the headline: “UK growth upgrade could dwarf Brexit hit”.

Even taking a highly pessimistic view on Brexit, he says: “Now, my own view is if we go for a really hard Brexit or a no-deal Brexit, we’ll probably suffer more than that 3%.
“But if it is only 3%, what’s going on with the rest of the world – helping us – and with productivity improving, that will easily dwarf a 3% hit over 13 years, easily.”
So there we are: no recession, no punishment budget and even those who campaigned against Brexit and remain sceptical more positive in outlook as the days roll on. Project Fear truly busted…

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