Britain ‘made loads of concessions in EU negotiations, got little in return’

Britain has made loads of concessions in Brexit negotiations and received little in return, according to a trade expert.
Shanker Singham, a former US trade adviser, said: “We must move from a mindset where UK negotiators think the EU and UK are basically trying to sort out a problem that the British electorate has given them, but are now on opposite sides of the table in a trade negotiation.


The EU does not always have UK interests at heart as they have already demonstrated in a number of ways, most recently with respect to the manner in which our negotiations in the World Trade Organisation are concerned.
“We need to become more savvy about their negotiation tactics.

“So far, in the year since Article 50 negotiations commenced, it is the UK that has made concessions to the EU, which the EU has pocketed and offered little in return.
“In simple terms, we need to start acting like the independent nation that we are about to become.”
Theresa May has apparently granted concessions on immigration, fishing and the role of the ECJ. It makes you wonder what else there is to give away! Northern Ireland, perhaps? Brexiteers have always felt Britain’s underplaying its hand in these negotiations. It’s time to show a bit of backbone.

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