‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ Banks & Wigmore join Conservatives, Party says it has ‘blocked’


UPDATE 18:06: Sky News are reporting that the Conservative Party have blocked Arron Banks from joining the party. Are Brexiteers not welcome?
The ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ behind Leave.EU have joined the Conservative Party as they step up the campaign for Brexiteers to fight for independence from within the Tory Party.
Westmonster has seen correspondence to both men from the Tory membership department, with a confirmation email from Party Chairman Brandon Lewis welcoming them both to the party and making clear that “your membership is now activated and you can attend party events both locally and nationally”.
The email also confirms that: “3 months from the beginning of your membership, you can take part in the selection of candidates in your constituency and in future party leadership elections.”
Arron Banks told Westmonster: “We believe that the battle for Brexit is now within the Conservative Party and the upcoming leadership election.
“Over 1.4m people follow Leave.EU online and we have urged them to join up and have their say.

“Most of our members are proper conservatives that believe in immigration control, family values, self reliance and prudent management of the economy.
“My Conservative Party membership lapsed in 2013 and I today joined the party.”
Andy Wigmore meanwhile said: “Like thousands of other Brexit supporters I’ve rejoined the Conservative Party to ensure that if there is a leadership contest then I can influence the type of leader the country and the Tory Party need.
“We need a Brexit leader, one who believes in Brexit and will deliver what 17.4 million people voted for.
“A strong Tory membership is essential to hold the leadership and MPs to account, if the party continues on its current path then we will not get the Brexit we voted for and will ultimately end up with a Corbyn Government – both are not an option.”
Brexiteers have continued to tweet that they’ve joined the Tories in response to the Leave.EU appeal, with the campaign for a Conservative ‘Blue Wave’ set to follow.
The Guardian and others have already laid into the prospect of Brexiteers uniting behind Boris Johnson or another prominent pro-Brexit Leader.
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The Remainers are rattled. This year’s Tory Conference should be interesting!
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