Revealed: MPs who support a second referendum but whose constituents voted for Brexit


A Westmonster investigation has exposed the most anti-democratic Tory and Labour MPs in Britain as former Home Secretary Amber Rudd comes out for a second referendum.
These are MPs who support another referendum to overturn the Brexit vote, but whose constituents voted to leave the EU.
One such constituency is Sunderland Central, the most symbolic city who came out for Brexit with 60% of voters backing Leave, but the Labour MP who occupies the seat wants another vote.
Another constituency is Redcar, where a whopping 67% of people voted for Brexit but the local Labour MP Anna Turley says there must be a second referendum.

Amber Rudd last night also came out for a so-called ‘People’s Vote’ in the event of No Deal but her constituency Hastings and Rye voted to leave by 56%, 4% more than the national average.
Here is the full list of the most anti-democratic MPs in the country with the % Leave vote in each constituency:

Conservative MPs:
Anna Soubry –Broxtowe – 52%
Guto Bebb – Aberconwy – 52%
Phillip Lee – Bracknell – 53%
Sarah Wolleston – Totnes – 54%
Amber Rudd – Hastings and Rye – 56%

Labour MPs:
Owen Albert – Ynys Mon – 51%
Wes Streeting – Ilford North – 53%
Paul Flynn – Newport West – 54%
Catherine McKinnell – Newcastle upon Tyne North – 56%
Phil Wilson – Sedgefield – 59%
Julie Elliot – Sunderland Central – 60%
Ann Clywyd – Cynon Valley – 56%
John Woodcock – Barrow and Furness – 57%
Paul Williams – Stockton south – 58%
Susan Elan Jones – Clwyd South – 60%
Margaret Hodge – Barking –60%
Chris Bryant – Rhondda – 60%
Bridget Phillipson – Houghton and Sunderland South – 62%
Anna Turley – Redcar – 67%
Our investigation comes as Labour bitterly fights over the policy of a second referendum, with the party edging closer to supporting a vote which could overturn Brexit and destroy trust in British democracy.

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