French Regional President: No Deal Brexit won’t mean Calais disruption



French Regional President Xavier Bertrand has dismissed the idea of a ‘go slow’ policy at the port of Calais if there is a No Deal Brexit, asking: “Who can believe such a thing?”
Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab had suggested that in the worst case scenario, French disruption could lead to problems.
But Bertrand, who is Regional President for Hauts-De-France was gobsmacked and responded to the reports by tweeting: “No! Closing the port or the tunnel of Calais to the British in case of Brexit without agreement is not envisaged!
“Who can believe such a thing? We must do everything to ensure fluidity.

“The Hauts-de-France area and Calais are Planning to Implement a fast pass pour augmenter fluidity at both ports & tunnel.
“Who on earth could think that a go-slow approach would be good for business?”
Bertrand also tweeted a photo of him with the British Transport Minister Chris Grayling, making clear that he had been working with Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart and “local economic players to ensure the smooth flow of both sides of the Channel”.

Disruption following a No Deal Brexit is not in the interests of business in the UK or the EU and inaccurate Project Fear BS from before the referendum is continuing now.


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