Khan to EU in Brussels: Extend Article 50, help stop Brexit


London Mayor Sadiq Khan is today to tell the EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier that Brussels should help delay and ultimately kill off Brexit.
He joins LibDem Leader Vince Cable who yesterday told Barnier also to prepare for another EU referendum. More Remoaners trying to undermine the UK’s negotiating position.
Khan said this morning: “So, I am here today in Brussels to urge Michel Barnier to get the EU and the 27 other member states to start preparing to extend Article 50.”


Out Side of the HQ of the EU

The London Mayor continued: “There is a possibility, a real possibility, of our Parliament rejecting the deal negotiated by our Prime Minister.
“There is a real possibility of our Parliament voting for a General Election or voting for the British people to have a say on the options negotiated by the Prime Minister with the option of staying in the EU. It is important for Michel Barnier and important for the EU to hear that perspective as well.”

Khan and British Remoaners doing all they can to weaken the country’s hand and overturn the referendum result. Truly disgraceful.

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