MPs have ‘no legal veto’ to stop No Deal Brexit


Remoaner MPs seeking to stop a No Deal Brexit do not have a legal veto, according to House of Commons officials.
Written guidance to an MP from those in the House of Commons library confirms that politicians cannot now “legally and in isolation prevent a No Deal Brexit”. The guidance has been seen and reported by the anti-Brexit Independent.
The library are quoted as explaining: “The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 provides three possible staging posts at which point Parliament will be able to ‘have a say’ in a No Deal scenario, but none of them provide Parliament with a legal veto over Brexit.
“They would give Parliament an opportunity to ‘have a vote’ on the government’s proposed course of action in the absence of a deal, but not, as such, a vote on whether to accept or reject No Deal.”

Commons Chief Clark Sir David Natzler also confirmed that a MPs vote on what should happen in the case of No Deal “has no statutory significance”.
Anti-Brexit MPs would likely be left with one option: to try and taken down the government completely.
Labour MP Gareth Snell responded by saying: “The confirmation that there is no legal veto over No Deal confirms what I and some colleagues feared.
“We shouldn’t blindly accept any old deal the Prime Minister presents, but Labour should rethink our red lines and think long and hard about whether voting down a deal which meets some of our tests is the sensible thing to do if the alternative is No Deal.”

Tory MP Amber Rudd recently said that she thought politicians could block a No Deal, World Trade Brexit. It is obscene that British politicians would seek to weaken the UK’s hand in negotiations by insisting that the country must accept whatever Brussels offers. The will of the people must be respected and the government must implement the referendum result, as promised. Deal or No Deal, it has to happen.

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