‘May has duped us!’ Defence campaigner blasts Chequers for hiding key details


Pro-Brexit defence campaigners have questioned why the Chequers plan leaves out key obligations with the EU that could lead to a massive loss of sovereignty and harm the British defence industry.
Speaking exclusively to Westmonster, Veterans for Britain have questioned why the Chequers plan leaves out key elements which would mean loss of control over defence, their spokesman David Banks said: “Theresa May has duped the public and MPs by signing up the UK to key areas of EU defence policy without making it clear there would be serious obligations in order to join these institutions. For example, if we wanted to build a new aircraft carrier, we would no longer be able to build it solely in Britain, the EU would force us to open up these contracts to other EU states.
“The Chequers plan does its best to hide the massive implications for UK autonomy and sovereignty by leaving out the commitments we would have to sign up to if we joined EU defence institutions. It’s time to scrap Chequers and go for a clean break with the EU.”

In May Michel Barnier released a document setting out the EU’s position on defence in terms of the Brexit negotiations, and just months later the UK via Chequers signed up to most of the EU’s proposal.



Twitter : Veterans for Britain

Civil Servants are leading ministers down a dark alley.
Chequers proposals on intelligence sharing mirror Barnier’s words, just without mentioning the administrative agreements which are pre-written and all on the EU’s terms.
Ministers will be ambushed with those later.


However, the Chequers plan fails to mention the obligations that go with signing up to the EU’s institutions, Norway is an example of a country which has little say but is still within these institutions.
Banks told us: “Ministers are not telling MPs about the sting in the tail of these proposals which have all been spelled out by Mr Barnier. He has at least been clear that these EU schemes bring onerous policy commitments for non-EU participants which mean giving away far too much control.
“Norway for instance is such a rule-taker in defence that it’s virtually considered an EU state in this context.”

Why does Chequers sign the UK up to the EU’s proposals without saying what the obligations would be for doing so? Theresa May is giving away control and no one is being told how.

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