Hammond and Remain Ministers ‘would quit in event of No Deal Brexit’



Pro-EU Chancellor Philip Hammond and other Remainer Ministers would quit their roles if the government pursued a No Deal Brexit,
That’s likely to make the prospect even more desirable for Brexiteers sick and tired of Project Fear doom-mongers continuing to talk down the UK leaving the EU and taking back control.
Hammond, along with the likes of Amber Rudd and Business Secretary Greg Clark, would bail of the country pursues a proper Brexit by walking away from the EU without a deal, according to the Mail on Sunday.

This is apparently why Theresa May is now seemingly hell-bent on signing up to any EU deal, even one that sucks the UK into the EU’s orbit and is pursued by 80+ Conservative MPs, including virtually every one who actually campaigned for Brexit.
Instead of No Deal is better than a bad deal, the government’s position is now seemingly to sign up to whatever deal is on the table. That is sparking a huge backlash.
We heard the ridiculous scaremongering about a recession and 500,000 job losses and now we’re getting the same about a clean, World Trade Brexit.
The only way to get a good EU deal is for Brussels to understand that the UK can and will walk away. Sadly it seems that Theresa May just doesn’t get it.

One thought on “Hammond and Remain Ministers ‘would quit in event of No Deal Brexit’”

  1. They won’t quit, that’s just so much political grandstanding B.S.
    Tories excel in generating B.S and the country (whoops) I meant sheeple, fall for it every time.

    Did you know political B.S is hazardous to the environment and the ozone layer, let alone us.
    It should be banned by law to prevent climate change.

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