Letter To The Pleople




Dear Fellow Citizens,
The Prime Minister and her civil servants have worked tirelessly in conspiracy with the EU on a deal that keeps Britain locked into its institutions, laws and courts. In so doing, the Prime Minister has proven herself a duplicitous Remainer.
Mrs May has set in motion a programme of coercions to bribe or isolate MPs who say they will vote against her deal, the worst deal in history. She will recruit organisations with a vested interest in remaining in the EU, such as the CBI, and promise politicians and stakeholders honours to re-run project fear. The Treasury will doubtless talk down the economy and paint a false and desolate image of no-deal Brexit Britain.
May claims she has delivered Brexit when in fact she has broken promises she repeatedly made to leave the Customs Union, the Single Market and the jurisdiction of the European Courts. Likewise her promises on migration are but smoke and mirrors. As Home Secretary she failed miserably to control our borders. As Prime Minister, she has broken the very pledges made in the Conservative Manifesto upon which she was elected. It remains to be seen whether she has also misled the First Minister of Gibraltar as she brazenly exploited the DUP.
Do not be fooled by the Prime Minister’s measured threats and false dichotomies. She will tell Brexiteers it’s her deal or a second referendum. She will tell Remainers it’s her deal or no deal. Both positions are patently untrue.
Do not be alarmed by the prospect of the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Properly breaking free from the EU is the only way for the UK to reach its full potential and build a truly prosperous future. Only then would we be able to set our own competitive tax rates, blocked by Brussels under the current arrangements. Only then would we be able to trade freely, and fairly, with the fastest growing economies of the world, as well as trade with Europe. Only then would our domestic market be freed from unnecessary and burdensome regulation, stifling innovation and growth. Only then would we own our own fisheries and could better manage farming. In doing all of these things we would be able to reduce your cost of living, make the UK globally competitive and give you, the people, the ability to vote out those who make the rules. No longer would our agenda be set by unelected individuals from other nations who do not have our best interests at heart. Once again the UK would be truly independent.
Yet none of this can happen if Mrs May has her way. We must not let bullies in Brussels undermine our democratic decision, nor seek to control our national destiny, as they have done in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and all other member states who tried to stand up to their agenda.
The Prime Minister has repeatedly misled both Parliament and the British public and allowed Brussels to set the timetable, call the shots and run down the clock. The proposed deal is a betrayal of Brexit, of the UK’s democracy and of public trust in the institutions of our nation. This is the worst deal in history and will see the UK cease to exist as an independent sovereign state.

Yours Faithfully,
John Longworth , Chairman and Richard Tice Vice Chairman and Founder
Leave Means Leav

One thought on “Letter To The Pleople”

  1. It will always be our country.
    Just as soon as we rid ourselves of the curse of politics and false governments .
    Funny enough EU countries are catching on to that philosophy too.

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