We are better off negotiating a Brexit deal with a clean break than accepting Theresa May’s deal at the mercy of the EU


We should take our £39billion with our leverage intact, the power to cut taxes and the possibility of striking wider trade deals and forge ­ahead
A better hand
EVEN if by some miracle Theresa May’s Brexit deal finally gets the nod, what are our chances of then forging a beneficial trade agreement with the EU? Slim at best.
Are we better off negotiating it after a clean break, with our £39billion and our leverage intact, with the power to cut taxes and strike wider trade deals ­immediately — and with the Remain diehards finally accepting defeat?

Instead of accepting Theresa May’s deal we would be better off negotiating Brexit after a clean break

Or still effectively within the EU’s grip, our money signed away, our leverage lost, at the mercy of every grievance the EU27 want avenged?
And with those same Remainers still clamouring to keep us forever in a ­customs union, thus to nullify Brexit long after we have nominally “left”?

The former must be better. MPs would surely see that, were it not for the Brexit madness so many have succumbed to.

They are deranged by fear of No Deal chaos, of the unfamiliarity of life outside the EU.

If we stay within the EU’s grip Remainers will continue to campaign to keep us in a customs union.
Yet the combined might of the UK and EU governments can mitigate it with enough political will — and are already making strides towards doing so.

We have long wondered if EU leaders would ever prioritise their economies and citizens’ jobs over Brussels’ zealotry.


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