BREXIT LIES: Ministers accused of ‘PROJECT FEAR three’ to save ‘DISASTROUS’ May deal

THERESA MAY’s Government is lying to British citizens about preparations for a no-deal exit from the EU as ministers are desperately trying to save the Prime Minister’s “disastrous” withdrawal agreement, a civil servant has claimed.


The official, who is currently drawing up contingency plans and has worked on Brexit for the past two-and-a-half years, suggested that the UK Government’s approach for a ’no-deal’ scenario are part of “Project Fear Mark III”. He quashed concerns that a no-deal Brexit will lead to economic “armageddon” and Britain to “crash out”, describing these claims as “absolutely untrue”.

Writing anonymously in the Daily Telegraph, the civil servant said: “If the Government was to be frank with Parliament and the country, what justification would be left for its disastrous Withdrawal Agreement?


“What would Remainers do without a Project Fear?
“They would need to think up convincing positive arguments for staying in the EU, something that has so far proved beyond them.”
The official added that ministers are trying to “scare” people into accepting the “outrageous” terms of the EU, falsely claiming the UK is “not prepared for a no deal and it would be a disaster”.
The civil servant explained: “Every day there is some fresh claim in the press – backed up by people who should (and perhaps really do) know better – that we must accept whatever outrageous terms we are offered by an intransigent EU because we are not prepared for no deal and it would be a disaster.

“If true, it would be a terrible indictment not only of this government but also of our civil service.

“And it is absolutely untrue, as anyone who, like me, has been involved in Brexit work for the past two-and-a-half years in Whitehall will tell you.”
The official also noted that the civil service would never allow the British public “to be threatened by economic paralysis”.
He continued: “That very bias towards certainty and balance and horror of disorder makes civil servants highly conscious of their duty to keep both their school run and the country operating smoothly.
“They would not sit back and allow the British public to be threatened by economic paralysis.
“Nor have they.

“So of course no-deal preparations have been made.
“To claim otherwise is to equate the United Kingdom with a tinpot dictatorship where officials tote machine guns and use pot plants for target practice.
“And we would never allow that.”
Parliament is expected to vote on Theresa May’s proposed withdrawal deal next month.
The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29 next year.
The agreement negotiated by Theresa May with the EU – which sets the terms of the UK’s exit and a declaration on future relations – will only come into force if MPs approve it.
Last week, the Prime Minister’s allies said they are “confident” she can win January’s Brexit vote and swing the Commons in her favour, claiming a no deal scenario has terrified MPs.

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