No Deal most popular option for Conservative Party members


A No Deal Brexit is now the mainstream opinion amongst members of the Tory Party in a further sign of growing support for a clean break with the EU at the end of March.



In a sign that Project Fear scaremongering is being seen through as it was back in 2016, 536 Conservative members in the ConseHome membership panel back No Deal as their favoured option. That means 44% of the Tory membership back a No Deal Brexit as their first choice outcome.

44% of Conservative members now back No Deal, a further 26% want a Canada-style deal. By comparison just 16% support May’s deal and 3% back Norway.

Reality check.

On top of that a further 26% back a Canada-style deal as put forward by Boris Johnson and other Brexiteers. Collectively, 70% back Canada or No Deal. This should be a serious wake-up call for those in Westminster burying their heads in the sand.

Those in Theresa May’s party clearly want full independence, rather than crumbs off the EU table that suck the UK into the orbit of Brussels for years to come.

On 29th March 2019 the UK must leave the EU, deal or No Deal.


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